Thursday, July 30, 2015

Autocomplete Your School Domain Name on Managed Chrome Devices

Google just recently released a new setting in Chrome management that many schools have been wanting for awhile now.  You can now have your school's domain name pre-populated on the sign in page of any of your managed Chrome devices.  This is definitely a time saver for students or staff that are logging into shared Chrome devices that may be erasing user data on sign-out.

This new setting is not enabled by default.  To enable it, go to the following location in your Admin console:

1. Device management > Chrome management > Device settings

2. Then scroll down until you reach the Autocomplete Domain setting, which should be the eighth setting on the page.  You can also quickly find it by doing a CTRL/⌘+F on the Device settings page and type in the name of the setting in the popup box.

3.  Then click on the dropdown box of this setting and select the "Use the domain name, set below, for autocomplete at sign in" option.  Once you select this, it should automatically add your domain in the text box that appears underneath as seen below. 

4. Then make sure to save your changes after you are finished.

Just a few thing to be aware of with this new setting:

1. Your Chrome devices must be on version 44 for this setting to work.

2.  This setting can be applied by organizations if you do not want to enable it for your entire domain.

3. Anyone signing into the Chromebook can override the pre-populated domain by typing in their full Google account.  If you do not want other Google accounts outside your domain to sign into your Chrome device, make sure you still have the Sign-in Restriction setting properly configured.  This is found right above the Autocomplete Domain setting.